Industrial plantations are established to produce a high volume of wood in a short period of time for each society. Plantations are grown by state forestry authorities  and/or the paper and wood industries and other private landowners .Christmas tree are often grown on plantations as well. In Maa Gayatri Plantation Agriculture, we carry on the distribution and marketing of various flowering plants, herbal and medicinal plants, decorative plants, fruit plants, timber plants and other plants/hybrid varieties, hybrid seeds, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, manures, bio-manures, micro-nutrients, growth products and other fertilizers by appointing whole sellers, suppliers, agents, sub-agents and other normal channels and to establish and develop shops departmental stores, direct selling departments to farmers. 

Industrial plantations are actively managed for the commercial production of forest products. Industrial plantations are usually large-scale. Individual blocks are usually even-aged and often consist of just one or two species. These species can be exotic or indigenous. The plants used for the plantation are often genetically altered for desired traits such as growth and resistance to pests and diseases in general and specific traits, for example in the case of timber species, volumic wood production and stem straightness. 

To acquire by purchase lease or otherwise, land for farming,to develop and sell the same and to establish & run farms, to carry on the business of agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming, animal husbandry, to carry out research or any process connected with anyone or more of such products, scientifically store farm products and deal in purchase and sale of articles of farm products. To carry on the business to promote, establish, improve, administer, own and run Agro-industries projects or enterprises or programmers for manufacture or production of plants, accessories, tools materials, substances, goods or things of any description which in the opinion of the company will help the growth and modernization of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, agriculture and animal husbandry.